Our Services


    One of our programs is to provide annual scholarships on behalf of Samuel Carter, to deserving Tenant.  The program participant will have to met our high standards of being exceptional students in the classroom and exuded leadership skills and a positive attitude within the community.  We understand the need for financial assistance for college-bound students and are committed to obtaining and awarding these scholarships.

    Our organization also recognizes the need for other support programs and activities to be provided to the community. We are dedicated to disburse school supplies annually throughout the community, provide financial aid workshops, ACT preparation workshops, mentoring and other educational activities. We also partner with other agencies to give food and household supplies to needy families. We also host life skills workshops and independent living trainings to students who may be first generation students going off for the first time.

  • NEW HOPE/ Career Centered Program

    Our agency also provides “New Hope” a community program compiled of several life skills workshops such as, Finacial Literacy, Readiness for Work, Sexual/Domestic Violence Training, Healthy Relationships and Small Business Management.  We provide community consulting to help local leaders achieve their goals in providing and maintaining successful outreach to their respective clients.


    This program services young adults who may have aged out of Foster Care or are participation in the Road to Independence program. The participants will participate in a variety of Life Skill curriculums that range from Finacial Management, Employability Skills, Life Skills, Domestic Violence, Conflict Mediation, Healthy Relationships, Healthy Cooking and Quick Meals Program and other Fatherhood Initiative type trainings.  The residents participate in a 12 month Social Living Program geared towards independent living.