DREAM MANOR/ Discover Real Expectations About Manhood

3529 Robin Rd Independent Living Home


(Divine. Respectful. Encouraging . Anointed. Men)


This program services young adults who may have aged out of Foster Care or are participation in the Road to Independence program. The participants will participate in a variety of Life Skill curriculums that range from Finacial Management, Employability Skills, Life Skills, Domestic Violence, Conflict Mediation, Healthy Relationships, Healthy Cooking and Quick Meals Program and other Fatherhood Initiative type trainings.  The residents participate in a 12 month Social Living Program geared towards independent living.







Our evaluation process is based on participation, comprehension, test scores, and impact on participants. For continued education the test scores are the ultimate evaluation, but for this program we measure a participants  growth. Our trainings are evidence based curriculums, our community partners are competent and qualified to provide the In-services that will be delivered.


Monthly newsletter and expenditure reports will be provided at request. Transparency is vital to assure all community partner, donors and agencies are aware of Finacial oversight and program activities.






We are collaborating with community Youth Clubs,  Leon County Schools, Tallahassee Teen Center, Living Stones International, other youth organizations. Collaborating is essential to our organization to help us better reach students in the community, volunteering, operating space for events, and provide better overall services and programs.




The role of the board of directors to oversee all aspects of the organization. Our organization is unique, in that we also have a student advisory board to help gauge what the students see as major issues to be addressed. Both boards are integral in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of all programs. The Board of Directors also assume responsibility for the financial success, government compliance, and ethical issues for the organization. All board of directors duration on the board is perpetual, the student advisory board are voted on yearly. We have had great success with this combination of boards and look forward to continued success in the future.